X-Men: Mutant Genesis

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X-Men Mutant Genesis
The magnificent villain Magneto emerges from the X-Men. Magneto is a victim of Nazi concentration camps during World War II and is portrayed as a violent tendency to confront the X-Men with hostility to humanity due to the trauma. But in Comic Book, he helped Xman several times as a mutant, and he was also the mentor of several X-Men. Even Charles Xavier, when he was away, took care of the X-Men team and asked them to act as their leader. This work tells the end of the days when the relationship between X-man and Magneto was the best in comic history, X-Men following Magneto and Magneto saving X-man. Magnetos goodness was actually revealed by the secret of Dr. Moira MacGuterts genetic manipulation, and Magneto realized that it was not his will to do good, but the X-men, who loved him, He is in conflict with whether to follow him or oppose him.

Meanwhile, Wolverines past, known as X-Mens top secret weapon, is revealed. Wolverine has been portrayed as a lone samurai and victim of the governments brutal secret experiment through Frank Millers Wolverine and Barry Windsor Smiths Weapon X. In the past, as a CIA special agent, The fact that it was sent to Germany is revealed.

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