Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Vol. 3

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In the midst of Infinite Crisis, the Amazing Amazon is forced to battle the Man of Steel -- leading to an incident that will forever change her relationship with Superman in this third installment of Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman has faced countless obstacles while protecting the world. But the Amazing Amazon isn't prepared for what comes next...

A forced battle with the Man of Steel, which leads to a shocking incident that forever changes her relationship with not only Superman, but the entire world. With her life's mission compromised, Wonder Woman must fight off an invasion of robotic villains that descend upon Paradise Island, determined to destroy the home of the Amazons.

Plus, in the midst of the apocalyptic Blackest Night, Earth's greatest heroes are plagued by teammates and enemies who have come back from the dead. Now a select few champions--Wonder Woman among them--stand against these Black Lanterns to decide the fate of the universe. Wonder Woman's love for humanity has kept the world safe, but when Black Lantern ring attempts to take over her dark side, she must put up the fight of her life...

Eisner Award-winning writer Greg Rucka's acclaimed run on Wonder Woman is concluded here! This volume features stunning art by Cliff Richards (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Ray Snyder (Supergirl).

Collects Wonder Woman #218-226 and Blackest Night: Wonder Woman#1-3.

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