Under the Cottonwood Tree: El susto de la Curandera

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t’s 1949, and the sleepy little village of Algodones, New Mexico is about to be awoken by a strange magic. An enchanted cookie transforms Carlos Lucero from a boy into a black and white calf, and it’s up to his older brother Amadeo to find a way to change him back! Join them on the adventure of a lifetime while they unravel the many secrets of the forest and discover the true meaning of El Susto de la Curandera!

2019 International Latino Book Awards – First Place Winner Best Graphic Novel
2019 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards – Gold Medal Winner Best Graphic Novel
2019 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards – Winner Best Graphic Novel

“Virtuoso visual cuentistas, brothers Paul and Carlos Meyer powerfully mesmerize with this breathtaking epic. Margaret Hardy’s kinetic paneling, deft line work, and earthy color palette bring to life a New Mexico and people many might be familiar with, but never really knew. The Meyer brothers awaken us to a world where animals speak, humans willy-nilly shapeshift, and curanderas need healing. With Under the Cottonwood Tree Paul and Carlos Meyer assuredly joins our pantheon of Southwest greats: Rudolfo Anaya, Willa Cather, and N. Scott Momaday.”
—Frederick Luis Aldama, editor recently of Tales from la Vida: A Latinx Comics Anthology and author of the Eisner Award winning Latinx Supherheroes in Mainstream Comics

“Socorro Ríos, the traditional and benevolent curandera turned sorceress, converts innocent persons into mythical creatures who resemble beasts and talk like humans. The tale is engrossing, riveting, but humorous whereas the colorful and spellbinding illustrations add to the aura of magic and suspense. Ríos ultimately undergoes reincarnation and hence regains her raison d’être as an erstwhile folk healer.”
—Nasario García, PH.D. Author, Hoe, Heaven, and Hell: My Boyhood in Rural New Mexico, Best autobiography, International Latino Book Award, and best book on New Mexico, New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards.

“A bite of one enchanted bizcochito turns a family’s life upside down in this engaging comic. Packed with love, humor, magic, Southwestern mythology and monsters, it’s sure to grab readers’ attention and enchant them too!”
—Cathy Camper, Author Lowriders in Space series

“The Meyer brothers have woven a charming adventure story, lovingly depicting the power of familia, forgiveness, and redemption– all while crafting a cuento that is uniquely New Mexican. Each page is brought to life with stunning, whimsical art by Margaret Hardy, beautifully showcasing the distinct Nuevomexicano landscape. So bite into a bizcochito and journey into the bosque with Under the Cottonwood Tree— when you return home once again, you’ll be all the better for it… que no?”
—Sebastian Kadlecik, creator IPPY award winning Quince comic book

“Full of memorable characters, creatures, and concepts, Under the Cottonwood Tree is exciting, humorous, and affecting—a rich and magical graphic novel.”
—Peter Dabbene, FOREWORD REVIEWS (starred review)

“A fantastical and satisfying romp near the Rio Grande.”

“It’s a winner that deserves an award in and of itself and is a standout among graphic novels, no matter what age group is being targeted.”
—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

“Brilliant linework creates texture and dimension, along with beige desert landscapes, soft but bright blue open skies, and glowing golden hues.” —SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

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