The University of New Mexico

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his photographic portrait of the University of New Mexico shares the lure and magic of the campus and its unique architecture. Formally established in 1889, UNM has evolved into a major American university, overcoming geographical isolation and the relative poverty and rural circumstances of much of the state's small population.

"Since its founding on the sand hills above downtown Albuquerque in 1889, the University of New Mexico has graduated countless thousands of students who have been the mainstays of New Mexico's economic, political, and cultural life. The heart and soul of Albuquerque, and beloved by its alumni across the country and around the world, UNM is much more than an alma mater. It has querencia, a place in our hearts, like a homeland.

"Designed to exclude automobiles from its inner core, the main campus is an oasis of cultured civility, at once brimming with the youthful vigor of its student body and rooted in the American West's most venerable social and aesthetic traditions. It's what makes UNM an academic symbol of the mind-opening sense of enchantment that New Mexico is known for around the world. UNM's cutting edge vitality in literature, fine arts, physics, biology, anthropology, medicine, law, engineering, and dozens of other fields gives voice to the rich diversity and genius of the people of New Mexico."--V. B. Price

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