The Invisibles Vol. 2: Apocalipstick

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What if they gave a war and nobody saw?

What if you suddenly found out it was happening all around you? Would you join up, pick sides, take up arms? Would you kill? Or would you try to run, try to hide, try to deny the whole thing?

A silent war has raged for millennia, shaping the world as wee know it, and jack Frost — the newest member of the anarchist revolutionary society known as the Invisibles — has just found out how high the stakes are and what the enemy agents of the Ultimate Conspiracy are cable of.

And he doesn't like it one bit.

The initiation into an unseen conflict as old as the universe and as fresh as tomorrow's headlines continues here where THE INVISIBLES: SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION left off.

THE INVISIBLES exposes the intertwining tendrils of an unstoppable Apocalyptic Conspiracy.

Meet Jim Crow, master of Voodoo triphop, and enter the outrageous world of Brazil's transvestite sorcerers as the sordid, glittering past of Lord Fanny unfolds.

Learn the secrets of life, death, magic and the Beyond with THE INVISIBLES.

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