The Founders Unmasked (True History)

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"Its power to spark important conversations should not be underestimated." Booklist
"A powerful series that fills in the cracks and illuminates the shadows of the past." —
Sherri L. Smith, award-winning author of Flygirl
"[Jennifer Sabin] does a concise, coherent job of breaking down complicated material … an important title for students and an immensely useful resource for educators." 
School Library Connection
"With material presented chronologically and in straightforward language (with text-embedded glossaries), brief profiles of key players, numerous quotes and sidebars, and fresh details that help readers grasp nuances and understand consequences...the conversation tone is inviting and...encourages thoughtful reflection." 

Introducing a new nonfiction series for the next generation of activists, uncovering the hidden history of The United States through an anti-racist lens.

 The true story of the men—and women—surrounding the founding of America.
    In the summer of 1776, when Thomas Jefferson arrived in Philadelphia to sign the Declaration of Independence, declaring that “all men are created equal,” he wasn’t alone. With him was Robert Hemings, just one of the many Black people Jefferson enslaved.
    But who was Robert Hemings?
    Discover his story and the true history of those who really helped build America. Featuring riveting interviews with historians, including Margaret Kimberley, author of P
rejudential: Black America and the PresidentsThe Founders Unmasked is a quest for the whole truth: the good and the bad.

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