The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: 12th Series

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A June 1963 selection of the SFBC. Reprints the Doubleday first edition. Collection of stories from F&SF Magazine. Introduction by Avram Davidson, and these stories: Test (1962) by Theodore L. Thomas; Please Stand By [Max Kearny] (1962) by Ron Goulart; Who's in Charge Here? (1962) by James Blish; Three for the Stars (1962) by Joseph Dickinson; When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed (1962) by Vance Aandahl; Landscape With Sphinxes (1962) by Karen Anderson; My Dear Emily (1962) by Joanna Russ; The Gumdrop King (1962) by Will Stanton; The Golden Horn [Tales of a Darkening World] (1962) by Edgar Pangborn; The Singular Events Which Occurred in the Hovel on the Alley Off of Eye Street (1962) by Avram Davidson; A Kind of Artistry (1962) by Brian W. Aldiss; Two's a Crowd (1962) by Sasha Gilien; The Man Without a Planet (1962) by Kate Wilhelm; The Garden of Time (1962) by J. G. Ballard; Hop-Friend (1962) by Terry Carr. BIBLIOGRAPHER'S NOTE: The ISBN shown here was acquired by a third party years after publication; it appears nowhere in the book.

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