Small Gods Volume 1: Killing Grin

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  • In 1991, after decades of skepticism and disbelief, the existence of psychic powers was finally, definitively proven. Today, an estimated 1% of the world's population possesses psychic abilities. These people are not super-heroes. In most ways, they're just ordinary people, living ordinary lives. They have families, careers, and dreams; they eat, sleep, live...and die. One such person is precognitive Detective Owen Young. Small Gods Volume 1: Killing Grin tells the story of the terrible decision he faces when a secret he's kept for years ― a secret that could send not only him, but many of his friends to prison ― falls into the hands of an opportunistic criminal.
  • This 128-page trade paperback features the sold-out, critically acclaimed Small Gods #1-#4, plus sketches, pin-ups, covers, and special bonus features never before seen!

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