Pilgrimage to Now / Here

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The pilgrim has been a constant figure in both religious life and literature. That tradition finds a brilliant expression in Pilgrimage to Now/Here,the record of a personal quest to which Frederick Franck has brought the eye of an artist and the touch of a poet. 

The result is a book in which the pages glow - whether the author is describing the eye and hands of beggars in Madras or recounting hos probing conversations with the Dalai Lama and leading Buddhist and Hindu thinkers.

For any reader,this is a fascinating travelogue; but the author's aim is more profound - and fully realized: to explore the spiritual resonances between Christ and Buddha at the deep level where they change men's lives, rather than on that level where their followers have too often snared them in the nets of theology and ritual.

One does not read this book, but is, rather, drawn into it and accompanies a highly-nuanced brother on a journey that spirals constantly inward. The record of that journey begins with delight. For Pilgrimage to  Now/here is a poem -  for the questing and the complacent, for the prematurely-aged young and the aging who wonder what happened to their youth.

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