Northlanders Vol. 6 Thor's Daughter and other Stories

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In this sixth collection of NORTHLANDERS, writer Brian Wood continues to subvert the genre and deliver stories set in the Viking Age that are engaging, timeless, and deeply relatable.

THE HUNT, illustrated by Matthew Woodson is the story of a solitary hunter tracking a single deetrcross endless kilometers of frozen wilderness. That far from home, this close to death, what happens wen these two opposing forces fun out of land, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean?

With THE SIEGE OF PARIS, Wood and artist Simon Gene explore the story of the same, where a massive Viking army ground to a halt at the walls of the medieval city of Paris. Looking through the eyes of a simple warrior, the tale evokes desperation in the trenches and the absurdity of waging a pointless war.

The title story, THOR'S DAUGHTER, is the heartbreaking tale of a newly orphaned teenage girl living in the wild islands of the North Sea. With her warlord father deceased and her next of kin a thousand miles away, rival move in and lay claim to what is her birthright. Young Birna Thorsdottir is forced to grow up too soon and become her father's daughter.

This volume of Brian Wood's epic series collects issues #37-41 and includes a back section of bonus artwork.

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