Love and Rockets: Maggie the Mechanic v. 1

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Maggie & Hopey: The Early Years

When Jamie Hernandez had to come up with subject matter for Love and Rockets, he looked to the bustling early - '80s  punk scene that surrounded him, mixed win hos own Mexican American sensibilities and a dash of comic-book science fiction, and punkettes Maggie and Hopey - sometimes lovers,full-time troublemakers,also known as "Las Locas" - were born.

Maggie the Mechanic presents the first five years' worth of "Locas" stories' in perfect chronological order and in an accessible soft cover format. It includes "Mechan-X," the very first Maggie and Hoppy story; the full-length graphic novel "Las Mujeres Perdidas" (co-starring wrestling legend Rena Titanon); and two dozen other classic stories.

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