Creative Economy Entrepreneurs

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A global tour de force, Creative Economy Entrepreneurs takes readers on a journey through the landscape of breakneck innovation and wild uncertainty that is today's creative industries. From entrepreneurs in Brazilian favelas to founders on Malaysian beaches, creative industries entrepreneurs are driving unprecedented value in economies. They are repurposing bowling alleys in rural North America and 3D printing rechargeable hair dryers in Lagos. They're building new markets, inventing new technologies, and solving the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Creative Economy Entrepreneurs is the first accessible in-depth introduction to the creative entrepreneurs shaping the 21st century. Featuring the stories of disruptive startups across the globe, Creative Economy Entrepreneurs explores and explains why creative industries entrepreneurs are uniquely equipped to tackle a range of problems—including job creation, youth engagement, and economic resilience.

Meet entrepreneurs working in fashion technology, education, entertainment, design, animation, music distribution, and more. A lively exploration of approaches to nurturing startups, attracting private investment, and generating resilient, sustainable economies, Creative Economy Entrepreneurs makes the case for investing in creative ecosystems and entrepreneurs.

With specific examples and advice from global creative economy leader Creative Startups, this book is useful for anyone working to build dynamic, adaptive economies. Come for the stories of a marketspace filled with technological disruption, cultural reinvention, and unexpected wealth creation. Stay for the practical, how-to tips for supporting creative entrepreneurs to build tomorrow's economic ecosystems today.

Creative economy?

The creative economy has arrived and is big business. It has become a hallmark of a prosperous and dynamic economy, growing globally at 8-12% annually, it is poised to become the driving force behind economic prosperity.