C'eyiige' Hwnax: The Magic House

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These books are the first known written, illustrated, and published books recounting valued Athabascan stories as told for 100's of years. The Ya Ne Dah Ah stories were told as a way for the elders to teach children lessons, survival skills, help them understand right and wrong, and as a way of rewarding them. The elders kept the stories as unaltered as they possibly could without writing them down as there was no written language.These Ya Ne Dah Ah stories teach children to behave and be respectful. The characters in the stories are so outrageous that no one would want to be accused of acting like one of the characters, which is the real purpose of the stories. The Magic House greets those who are polite and respectful with magnificent rewards but misfortune awaits those who dare disrespect that which does not belong to them.

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