American Indian Themes In Young Adults Literature

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This book analyzes American Indian characters and themes in young adult literature, outlining plots and evaluating content from a native perspective. Teachers, librarians, parents, and young adult readers will find essential analytical information about a cross-section of literature with American Indian protagonists, narratives, and settings. Reviews of young adult publications with American Indian themes are also examined, demonstrating how too many reviewers reinforce, and even honor, stereotypical works.

Divided into three sections centering on a range of fiction and nonfiction featuring richly diverse tribal groups across a variety of settings and time periods, the book begins with contemporary selections, examining young adult fiction by non-Indian authors as well as a growing number of native authors. The next section is devoted to historical fiction, the most popular American Indian-themed novels for young adults. The last section examines nonfiction work, including memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, and poetry. A rich bibliography leads readers to other resources.