All We Ever Wanted: Stories of a Better World

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All We Ever Wanted offers a shot of optimism in a time when it’s so desperately needed. Instead of wallowing in despair, these 24 stories provide a road map toward a brighter future. Will our salvation come from embracing technology, or from a return to nature. Is a new world right around the corner, or will it take an apocalypse-level event to give us the opportunity to start over from scratch. Stories of time-travel, virtual reality, community-building, and complete inclusion all told by a diverse group of creators, each with a unique, but uplifting, vision of the future.

All We Ever Wanted was so well-received that a sequel anthology, Maybe Someday, is due out November 2020.

For anyone who likes a dose of good news to balance out the frequent bad... 24 short stories loaded with hope!" – The New York Times

All We Ever Wanted gives readers and fans something we've been desperately craving - confirmation that hope is not lost. An all-star crew of comic book talents join forces for the must-read anthology of the year. A can't miss serving of positivity and optimism. --Alex Segura (Blackout, The Archies)

The stories in All We Ever Wanted are as diverse and extraordinary as each contributor. The art is magnetic, alluring and vivid. The world needs more visions of utopias and this book more than provides it. --Pharoah Miles,

All We Ever Wanted weaves together the ordinary and extraordinary in every story to remind us that however hard it is to find, there is still hope. --Katie Cardwell,

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