A Plea from the Angels: Messages from Michael, the Archangel

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Denise Cooney has been studying Buddhism and Christianity for most of her life.She is an intuitive. Going forward she has been working as a Clinical Therapist working with clients to find the right balance of healing within the lives of others. She is a gifted individual that has been bring awe inspiring lessons and lectures for year.Archangel Michael just happens to be one of the messages that has been fortunate enough to capture and share with others. So she was quick to detect an important change in the material she receives. It is easy for people to get swept up in the chaos and illusion of the outer, material world. However, this is the very time when each individual on the spiritual path must focus on his or her own deepest inner work. Though the communications in this book derive from the highest heavenly sources, they are presented with down-to-earth sense and humour.

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