A Mexican Count Of Days

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This calendar is part of an ongoing project by the Chimalli Institute of Mesoamerican Arts to introduce traditional Mesoamerican time keeping to the general public. Interested readers are encouraged to visit our website at mexikanewyear.com for a more in-depth look at the calendar system, the monthly ceremonies, and the methods used to arrive at our correlation. The central Mexican calendar is a living system for tracking the movement of the sun. We hope that by equipping individuals with the tools needed to not just use, but also actually understand this calendar, we help ensure its survival for generations to come.- Kurly TlapoyawaThe sun rises, and the sun sets. While 500 years is not a numerically significant number for our people, I feel that it is nevertheless important to acknowledge the significance of this particular 8 Flint year. It was during Toxkatl 500 years ago that the war against the people of Mexico-Tenochtitlan began in earnest. As we continue to fight against a final sunset for indigenous people, we invite you to join us in learning about the calendar as an integral, ordering force in reclaiming who we are.- Ruben Ochoa

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