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Fourteen-year-old Twitch Taylor hasn't paid much attention to the old Cherokee stories, but maybe he should have. Sure, his family is Cherokee, but those stories are just the elders talking, right?

In this new Young Adult novel by acclaimed children's book author, Linda Boyden, we follow the story of Twitch and his adventures in the Cherokee Old Country.

Beginning after a freak car accident kills his aunt, Twitch's father gives him away to his Uncle according to a time honored Cherokee tradition and then suddenly disappears. Overnight, Twitch goes from being a city kid to being trapped in country bumpkin land where Twitch ends up stuck in a forest learning to hunt with a bow and arrow with his Uncle bent on teaching him the old ways.

But just when he is ready to call it quits, he discovers the old forest is far from normal. Many of the old Cherokee myths are coming alive, including one tied to his aunt's death and his father’s disappearance. To survive , Twitch must learn to be a Stone Keeper like his father and grandfather before him.

The trick is can he learn fast enough to save himself, his family, and perhaps the rest of the world?

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