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Red Planet is proud to offer Spirit Mountain Coffee!

About Spirit Mountain: We are a community oriented company. Our community includes not only the pipa, people of the Quechan Nation, it includes the entire coffee supply chain from seed to cup. We do our part by engaging in direct and fair trade with indigenous coffee farmers whenever possible. Throughout the world, coffee is an important part of what sustains communities.  We support these communities by working with suppliers that align with our values. We select coffees which are produced sustainably (organic), exchanged fairly (fair trade), handled correctly (roasted with care), and (we hope) enjoyed thoroughly.


Tasting notes: Baker's chocolate and dark fruits

Roast: Medium/dark


Origin: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, honey, graham cracker/granola, complex but balanced.


Origin: Chiapas, Mexico

Tasting notes: Bourbon, Prune, Plum


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