Nahual: The Roleplaying Game

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Nahual is a tabletop roleplaying game about brujos nahuales, humans of mestizo and indigenous ancestry that have the power to shapeshift into animal form. These nahuales hunt angels to make a living, tunning a changarro - a business - together to sell the products they make from the bodies of the angels the have killed. These are storise about underdogs, struggling to find their place in a Mexican world of fantastical and overwhelming forces.

Inside you'll find:

Eight unique playbooks, each built to help you create a naual whose powers and personality are tied to a particular animal. These  are: the Aguila (Eagle), the Armadillo, the Jaguar, the Mono (Monkey), the Perro (Dog), the Serpiente (Snake), the Tlacuache (Opossum), and the Vecindad (Housing Unit).

Innovative mechanics for managing six levels of power, from regular armed thugs to god-like beings!

Instructions for running Nahual - threat levels, fightning as packs, angel hunting, creating NPCs and more - alongside eleven sample non-player characters.

Nahual is a tabletop roleplaying game for three to six players based on the works of Edgar Clement, and his universe created in the graphic novel Operacion Bolivar.

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